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xdi message

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Subject: Today's XDI Call

I have an appointment at 11:30, will try to get back to dial into the XDI call as soon as I can.

Wiki report:  I have updated the front page with pages new this week, and with pages changed this week. I also created a Wiki101 page for tips on using the XDI wiki.  Currently the page only has an explanation of categories, including how to assign a category when editing, or creating, a page.

Doc report: I have added Markus and Phil Windley as team members for https://github.com/organizations/OASIS-XDI-Technical-Committee .  Please create a Github account and send me the account name if you want access.

Spec report: I have a partial list of all Dollar words that we have mentioned in email or documents, and plan to put it on the wiki.

Implementation report:  I have about 25% of the Ox test cases implemented as unit tests (using Common Test) in Erlang, and as a result an Erlang XDI client.  I need to know how I get Open ID credentials that will work with the XDI test servers though.

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