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Subject: Re: Can we move this Friday's XDI TC telecon one hour later?

[my apologies -- resending -- I accidentally hit the Gmail key combo that sends off a message before I was done.]

XDI TC Members:

A month-end coordination meeting with a key Respect Network partner has been scheduled for this Friday from 7-10AM PT. This overlaps with our scheduled XDI TC meeting time.

Are TC members open to moving this week's meeting back one hour, so it would begin at 10AM PT and run until 11AM PT (when some of us then have to switch to an XDI.org telecon)?

I know that is getting late for Giovanni and Markus, but I'd really like to be able to attend this week's meeting, given that I had to miss last week's meeting. I'd also like to close at least one decision point.

Please let me know via reply if you can NOT attend this Friday's TC telecon if we move it back one hour to begin at 10AM PT, 1PM ET, 7PM CET.

I will watch for replies and confirm the final time when I send out the agenda tomorrow.



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