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Subject: New XDI bracketed syntax proposal & IMPORTANT prep for our Friday call

XDI TC Members:

Out of last Friday's 3 hour telecon came the idea (thanks to Joseph and Phil) of challenging our assumption that we had to stay within the URI/IRI delimiter character set for XDI addressing.

Once we concluded that we could simply define a canonical encoding of XDI addresses into URI/IRI syntax, it opened us up to look at newer, simpler, more intuitive delimiters -- specifically, different types of bracketed delimiters that we have previously ruled out.

The result is the following proposal:


Since we really need to close on these revisions to XDI syntax quickly in order to move forward with other proposals, Markus and I would like to ask all of you to take a little time BEFORE FRIDAY'S CALL to:
  1. Read through the proposal.
  2. Read especially the list of open issues at the bottom.
  3. Add a comment with your own view/proposal on each issue AND/OR
  4. Send a quick email to the list with your views.
If everyone does this, we can have a much more advanced conversation on Friday and ideally close or come close to closing on these syntax revisions (no matter what we decide we are going to all need to start using it to see if we run into any issues).



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