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Subject: Special note about the XDI graph model and syntax decisons reached today

I wanted to call the attention of all TC members and observers to the following passage from the minutes of today's TC telecon:


With those decisions made, Drummond noted that the TC had reached a very significant milestone: both a dramatic simplification of XDI syntax AND full alignment with JSON as widely deployed and proven graph model/data model for the serialization of data.

Drummond, Markus, and Animesh agreed that this was a major accomplishment, and that it will lay a very strong foundation for the XDI 1.0 specification suite and for the broad adoption of XDI as an open standard for semantic data interchange.


I want to thank all TC members for the time and energy they have put into helping with this major simplification and strengthening of XDI. I believe it will repay all of us many times over.

Have a great weekend,


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