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Subject: Updated & debugged ABNF for new syntax posted

Per my action item from last Friday's call, I have posted an updated Complete XDI ABNF as the latest comment to:


This version now compiles and properly validates instances within the limitations of the 9 open issues. Many of these are minor, i.e., this ABNF does not include the fine-grained validation of IRIs, for instance. But we still need to go through them and properly deal with each one.

Joseph is now going to take the ball to work through many of the issues and produce his Layered XDI ABNF which breaks parsing into different layers for efficiency.

Joseph, my suggestion as we move forward with this towards the final draft that will be in the XDI Graph Model spec is that in addition to the Layered XDI ABNF modules we keep both one master Complete XDI ABNF that captures all rules at all levels (and which can as a whole be used for interactive parsing of XDI graph instances, even if it's significantly slower than the layered version).

Happy to chat with you about this on Skype tomorrow afternoon if that's easiest.



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