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Subject: Re: [xdi] InnerRoots - XDI Wiki

Yes I think you could call it a prefix in the same sense as the address of any context node becomes a prefix of all its child context nodes.

The only "special" thing about an inner root is that its address is composed of the address of another, unrelated context node, plus a relational arc.


You have context node =a
You have relational arc +b
The address of the target context node of the relational arc is (=a/+b) <--- That's the inner root.

Then underneath that inner root you could have a statement such as the following:


Which in its shorthand form would be:


So yes you could call (=a/+b) a prefix, but again, every context address is a prefix to its child context addresses.


On 03.05.2013 17:11, Joseph Boyle wrote:
Last time we had a discussion of the meaning of inner roots, where I observed they can be interpreted as a common prefix to be prefixed to both the subject and object. Is this (one) valid interpretation?

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