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Subject: Should "XDI Link Contracts V1.0" be "XDI Policy V1.0"?

Per the minutes I just sent out, I have updated the following page on the XDI TC wiki with the names of the specs we discussed:


In drafting this page, I had a realization. For years we have referred to the spec for XDI authorization as "XDI link contracts". However we now know:
  1. It will include the definition of XDI policy _expression_ (which in fact will be the majority of the spec).
  2. XDI policy expressions can be used outside of the context of link contracts, e.g., in XDI message processing.
So it struck me that a better name for this specification would be XDI Policy V1.0. In other words, the spec should cover all the rules around _expression_ and application of policies in XDI, both for link contracts and for message processing.

Does anyone disagree?


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