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Subject: Fwd: [cloudauthz] CloudAuthZ & ICS/EuroCloudCongress

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From: "Jane Harnad" <jane.harnad@oasis-open.org>
Subject: [cloudauthz] CloudAuthZ & ICS/EuroCloudCongress
Date: July 25, 2013 7:08:30 AM PDT

Dear CloudAuthZ TC Members,

OASIS has an opportunity to hold our third annual Int'l Cloud Symposium (ICS) this year as part of the EuroCloud Congress. We wanted to circulate the idea to a few of our key Cloud Technical Committees, in the hopes you might find this of interest and would consider participating.  Please let me know by 31 July, if any TC member might be willing (and able) to talk about CloudAuthZ during our track.  Below are a few details about the EuroCloud Congress & our participation for further review.

EuroCloud Congress (also in its third year) has historically attracted 350-400 attendees across two tracks. Our ICS would essentially become an OASIS-branded third track. This lets us leverage EuroCloud marketing, on-site resources, and their attendee base.  EuroCloud Congress is heavily backed by the European Commission, as well as other European standards organizations.   

Tentatively, this one-day ICS program would feature presentations on:  TOSCA, CAMP, PvD, PMRM, CloudAuthZ, IDCloud and AMQP (depending on TC commitments).  The specifics of the overall program and each individual presentation will be outlined next week. We plan to work individually with each TC to refine their participation.  In addition to the program, we will be holding our second OASIS20 Milestone event at EuroCloud.  This OASIS20 Reception will take place prior to their annual EuroCloud Award Gala Dinner and would be open to all OASIS Members, ICS and EuroCloud attendees.
EuroCloud Congress 2013
15 & 16 October
Chambre de Commerce – Luxembourg

If you need more details or have questions, I'm happy to discuss this opportunity further. 

Thanks so much,
Jane Harnad
Manager of Events

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