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Subject: Re: Next steps on spec drafting (cc Joseph and Markus)

I'll be at WordCampSF the next two days and probably can't make the Fri 9am Pacific telecon. (Please let me know any WordPress questions you have!)

Markus has checked starter files for each of the document formats into GitHub as a repository.
For example, to make a local repository with the OpenOffice drafts on your Mac or Linux and then hook it up to the GitHub repository:

git clone https://github.com/OASIS-XDI-Technical-Committee/xdi-spec-openoffice.git
git remote add github https://github.com/OASIS-XDI-Technical-Committee/xdi-spec-openoffice.git

Anyone who knows Git better, please correct me. Bolded is an arbitrary name you can choose to call the existing remote GitHub repository. 

Or to get the DocBook file set:

The DITA files Bill set up earlier are in another repository.

From Sunday I will be checking out and drafting a draft of the first spec in one or more formats and testing whatever post-processing is needed.
I think you checkout with git checkout -b <branchname> where the branch name you create could be identifying a feature to work on or a phase or work.

Git should be able to do merges of separate branches of text documents; I don't know if this works with OpenOffice or not.

On Jul 21, 2013, at 3:01 PM, Drummond Reed <drummond@connect.me> wrote:

Since I'm leaving tomorrow on a week's vacation, I just had a good chat with Markus about next steps on XDI spec drafting. Here's what we determined:
  1. XDI Core, XDI Messaging, and XDI Security Mechanisms are the three we should be driving forward first.
    1. Drummond and Joseph will be driving XDI Core
    2. Markus will be driving XDI Messaging
    3. Peter and Dan will be driving XDI Security Mechanisms
  2. We need to make the choice between the Open Office and DocBook templates.
    1. This week Markus will work with Joseph—and potentially talk with Chet and Paul at OASIS and Ken Holman about how the UBL TC—in order to try to make that determination.
  3. Then we need to start producing and posting our first Working Draft specs. I think we should concentrate on having these posted in August, even if they are full of TODOs and open issues.
Joseph, Markus will be sync'ing up with you this week to drive this forward. I suggest you make this (alongside the continued security architecture discussions) the main topic of next Friday's TC meeting.



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