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Subject: XDI Core 1.0 ABNF mirrored on XDI TC wiki


Joseph and I are hot and heavy into XDI Core spec drafting now. We are working in parallel on:
  1. Nailing down all the nitty-gritty details of the 1.0 ABNF.
  2. Adding descriptive and normative text to the rest of the sections.
Joseph is driving #1 and I'm driving #2.

To make collaboration and review by other TC members easier on #1, we've started mirroring the ABNF from all the XDI Core 1.0 ABNF sections on the ABNF page of the wiki:


See Section 3 of that page for the first two ABNF sections. I also reset the Change Log so it will just track changes to this final ABNF until we're done.

Joseph, note that the first two ABNF subsections in Section 3 right now are based on the ABNF you sent to the list yesterday (or Sunday—I just took a redeye so my time coordinates may be skewed ;-). The only suggested changes I made were cosmetic (to rule names).

Since it forms the heart of the heart of the XDI graph model at the center of the XDI Core 1.0 spec, I strongly encourage everyone to review these two short sections of ABNF as soon as you can and send any feedback to the list.

In the meantime, Joseph and I will begin adding additional sections that will drill down into:
  1. The second level (the syntax of roots, entities, attributes, singletons, collections, and members).
  2. The third level (the syntax of XDI identifiers).
With each of these we'll prompt TC members to review since this will be the final normative ABNF for XDI Core 1.0.



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