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Subject: CCP - Cloud Certification Profiles

Dear XDI team:

I am starting up a new OASIS TC, 'Cloud Certification Profiles', and am reaching out for volunteers to join the team.

As the name suggests the goal is to develop an audit and certification framework, so that Cloud providers can be transparently documented as being compliant with various regulatory requirements: Government, Finance, etc.

For a sense of context and market requirements, check out similar work from the EU: 


The reason for doing this project through OASIS is the many TCs operated here are the ideal standards to check for, so in essence our goal is to define 'OASIS for the Cloud' and we'd appreciate any inputs to help define that.

You can see the charter here, it was started originally to cater just for government, but we since decided to generalize it for any industry. So with the broader team we will polish this and submit to begin the TC work.


Kind regards,

Neil McEvoy
VP Business Development

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