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Subject: Minutes: XDI TC Telecon Friday 2014-03-28

XDI TC Minutes

Following are the minutes of the unofficial telecon of the XDI TC at:

Date:  Friday, 28 March 2014 USA
Time:  09:00AM - 10:30AM Pacific Time (16:00-17:30 UTC)


Joseph Boyle
Animesh Chowdhury
Dan Blum
Will Martin
Markus Sabadello
Drummond Reed


Andy Dale


Phil Windley


None scheduled.


Next Steps on Working Drafts

Neustar and Respect Network had a call on how to move ahead with spec work:


One key difference between the above Google doc and the XdiOneSpecs wiki page was that the former envisioned a separate “XDI Binding” spec, whereas the wiki page considered that functionality to be part of the “XDI Messaging” spec. Markus explained that the XDI2 codebase has separate components called “messaging” and “transport-http”. Drummond said that having a separate spec for the binding is probably a good architectural choice, and it would be easy to add support for new protocols later. There was general consensus on this. We changed the XdiOneSpecs wiki page accordingly. Joseph and others still want to reflect on the name of this spec.

We also edited the spec list to contain links to actual spec drafts.

We discussed whether we should continue to use the “decision queue” process. We had not been following this process for a long time now. We decided that for now we will stick with the more informal process we had been using. Basically as people work on the specs, they will just dynamically reach out to the TC as a whole whenever there is content to review, or specific topics to discuss.

Once a spec covers the topic of a wiki page to a satisfactory degree, that wiki page should contain a link to the corresponding spec.

While looking at the spec list, Dan brought up the topic of XDI Encryption. Maybe there would have to be a spec for this as well. There are different use cases to consider here, e.g. encryption of literal values, graph structures, messages, etc.

# DAN and PETER will review the list of all security-related specs (currently: Policy, Signatures, Security Mechanisms, Privacy Mechanisms)

Great Symbol Shift

The TC thanked Dan for editing the LinkContractPattern, XdiPolicyExpression, and XdiDiscovery pages to address the symbol shift.

Docbook update

Peter added some Docbook utility files to the Github repository:


EU funding for XDI research

Markus and Dan had a call with Neil McEvoy, who has reached out and proposed that we might want to apply for EU funding programs for XDI research and development.

The basic idea would be that we would formulate concrete XDI-related ideas for projects, prototypes, research, implementation work, etc., and Neil would help with the administrative tasks of finding partners, submitting a proposal, and managing the project once it begins.

We agreed that this would be a great opportunity for obtaining more resources for XDI related work.

# DAN and MARKUS and OTHERS to propose concrete ideas

XDI Signatures

Let’s look at progress on Signatures:


We did not have time to further discuss this topic.

Serialization Formats

Let’s look at progress on Serialization proposals:



We did not have time to further discuss this topic.

Link Contract Addressing

Let’s continue discussion on the new link contract patterns:



We did not have time to further discuss this topic.

I-JSON and JSON Schema

Within the XDI2 project, the potential use of I-JSON and JSON Schema for the XDI/JSON serialization format has come up. Let’s discuss if this makes sense and how these two technologies fit in.

We did not have time to discuss this topic.


None scheduled.


We decided not to use the decision point queue for now, but still include it here for reference:






The next call is next week at the regular time.

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