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Subject: Minutes: XDI TC Telecon Friday 2014-04-11

XDI TC Minutes

Following are the minutes of the unofficial telecon of the XDI TC at:

Date:  Friday, 11 April 2014 USA
Time:  09:00AM - 10:30AM Pacific Time (16:00-17:30 UTC)


Drummond Reed
Markus Sabadello
Joseph Boyle
Dan Blum
Peter Davis
Hubert Le Van Gong
Les Chasen


Chet Ensign



None scheduled.


Discussion about Renaming the TC (Which Requires Starting a New TC)

Given the evolutionary changes to XDI and its applications and the fact that “XRI Data Interchange” is now a legacy name, we asked Chet Ensign of OASIS to join us on this call and provide his advice.

Drummond explained that while previously the process of re-starting a TC seemed too much work, now it feels like it might be worth taking this step, since XDI is now in the process of being released for real applications and the formal name “XRI Data Interchange” is no longer accurate. We expect a lot of marketing activities and technical interest coming up in the next few months.

Chet explained the rules for changing the charter of an existing TC. A TC’s name and IPR mode cannot be changed under any circumstances.

The steps are:

  1. Develop a new charter. This can be closely based on the current charter, or can evolve.

  2. Submit the charter to Chet.

  3. Chet sends it out for a 14-day comment period.

  4. After that comment period closes, there is a convener call to consider any comments and finalize the charter.

  5. Then Chets sends out the new charter and a Call for Participation. The first meeting must be at least 30 days away (for a telecon) or 45 (for an in-person meeting).

  6. That first meeting becomes the formal start of the new TC.

We can continue working in the current TC while this process is underway. Then, once the new TC is formally started, the current TC would formally contribute them to the new TC using a motion. Each member of the old TC would send a statement sending an individual statement making a contribution to the new TC.

The XRI TC could also make the same assignment.

After all the statements had been submitted, the current TC can vote to close, and the XRI TC can vote to close.

Drummond then asked about the short name of the TC, which is currently “xdi”. Chet explained that this short name would actually need to change for a new TC because it too is permanent.

The TC members all agreed that this would be a major drawback. The short name is possibly even more important that the full formal name of the TC.

Chet pointed out that we could also update our description to make reference to the evolution of the name. And we could formally define in the specs that the acronym “XDI” stands for “Extensible Data Interchange”.

After Chet left the call, we discussed the options. Peter shared the view that trying to start a new TC would be more work than would be justified given the option for just calling the work Extensible Data Interchange. Joseph and Drummond shared the same view.

The consensus was to continue using the legacy formal name and to remap the acronym XDI to Extensible Data Interchange wherever we have that opportunity.

Spec Weekly Scrum Status Report



Status as recorded last week:

Markus: Will upload his (broken) messaging spec draft

Joseph: Will look at Markus’ messaging spec draft, Will revise Core spec (e.g. serialization)

Will: Discovery

Dan: Privacy Mechanisms

Hubert: HTTP(S) Binding

Peter: Signatures, Security Mechanisms, Policy

Les: dictionary

Drummond: review core. start dictionary

Joseph reported that he and several other editors had a discussion about the Docbook template and stylesheet binding questions. They also discussed filenames.

They also discussed SVG graphics and how they are rendered in PDFs. Joseph is anticipating that we would declare the XML as the authoritative source. Peter has volunteered to test the PDF generation with SVG.

Markus did not have any time to advance his messaging spec draft. Joseph will go ahead with starting the Docbook spec based on the Core template. Markus has put some of that on his XDI tutorial for messaging.

Drummond said that he and Les talked about Dictionary and agreed that first we’d update the TC wiki page, then we’ll work with Joseph to move that into the Docbook spec.

Peter reported that he’s preparing his proposal to pattern XDI signatures on JOSE. He also talked with Dan about taking the lead on the Policy spec.

Dan said he was starting to plan out the Policy spec based on the wiki. He noted that there was clearly going to be the need for additional $words. He said that he needed to get with Drummond on the Privacy Mechanisms spec.

Hubert asked Joseph to share what he has with Messaging, that will be a key part of what will be input to the HTTP Binding.

Editor’s Subgroup

Peter reminded Drummond to set this up so it can have a separate calendar and events.

# DRUMMOND to set it up.

Use of Jira

Peter recommended that we begin using Jira for spec issues management for any spec that has reached the Docbook stage. Peter will send a recommended of usage guidelines to the TC list.

I-JSON and JSON Schema

Within the XDI2 project, the potential use of I-JSON and JSON Schema for the XDI/JSON serialization format has come up. Let’s discuss if this makes sense and how these two technologies fit in.


The next call is next week at the regular time.

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