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Subject: Correction to the Minutes email about requestor contract format

In the Minutes of the last TC call that I sent yesterday, I proposed this change to the requestor contract address format (where =aa represents the Authorizing Authority and =ra the Requesting Authority):


Besides the fact that I forgot the $ before "from", I realized this morning that "from" should not be a variable, but a concrete entity, because the requestor contract is intended to be the same for all AAs.

So the revised version of the proposed requestor contract format is:


A revised version of the full section from the Minutes doc follows below.


AA Writes Link Contract Instance to RA


NOTE: the link contract reference above was originally:


Drummond realized it would be both more consistent and more intuitive for the inner graph to represent the RA / AA relationship and for the requestor link contract name to match the link contract instance name, thus the change.

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