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Subject: 10/24 Call minutes

XDI TC Agenda




Peter Davis

Les Chasen

Amanda Navarro

Dan Blum

Hubert Le Van Gong

Joseph Boyle

William Dyson

Report from XDI editors subcommittee

No Editors call took place this week.

XDI Policy and Connections - Editor Update
We reviewed recent Jira issues filed against the Policy specification. Comments in Jira capture conclusions/resolution.

We discussed briefly some of the topics below (in red)

Open topics:
  • Insight: A link contract instance may be used by many authorities that can satisfy a policy _expression_ (e.g. groups, roles, organization membership)
  • Insight: Just like there can be a connection invitation, there can also be invitations for any other operation, e.g. $get
  • Review what happens when a connection invitation is processed.
  • What do “deferred” connection requests look like, and how are they processed? How do we handle cases where user interaction is required?
  • Template versioning - what if the Template Authority changes a template? How does this affect existing LC instances? Should versioning for LC templates be mandatory?
  • Challenge of correlating message requests and responses (see below)

Topics discussed previously:
  • Discuss different ways for an RA to receive a copy of a new link contract instance
  • Issue related to having multiple link contract instances based on one link contract template (how to algorithmically determine the address?)

Error Codes:
+ should we create general error codes, or should each document define ones that they require. 

Need to document conformance requirements (dan to file Jira issue describing the requirement)


due to IIW, will folks be available for a TC call next friday?

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