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Subject: Updated XDI TC wiki page on Graph Model Structure (full syntax pattern summary)

I managed to finish a second key task done over the Thanksgiving break: bringing the https://wiki.oasis-open.org/xdi/GraphModelStructure wiki page current.

This is a page we originally created 18 months ago as we developed the current XDI syntax to analyze all the context node types we needed syntax for. As I've been editing the XDI Core spec, I realized that a version of this table would be very useful to include in the spec. I've also been using it to check the simplified ABNF Joseph and Markus and I have been developing for XDI Core, and to verify the syntax for the wiki page on XDI Dictionary patterns that I posted last Wednesday.

Please review it and post any comments or questions. Note that Joseph and I used this Google spreadsheet to develop the updated table.

Also note that the organization of the "tree" of node types is somewhat arbitrary—there are several different ways the tree could be done, but all result in the same ultimate set of node types and corresponding syntax patterns.


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