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Subject: XDI TC Members: Happy New Year and no call today

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebrations. This is just a note to say that, although we discussed having an informal TC call today, in fact no one was able to make it (as we should have expected on a Friday following New Year's Day ;-)

So we will resume our normal schedule of calls starting at the regular times (8:30AM PT for the Editor's call, 9:00AM PT for the TC call) next Friday January 5.

We already have two candidate agenda topics for that call:
  1. Further thoughts on XDI-to-RDF mapping.
  2. Further thoughts on XDI variables and variable definitions (a topic we need to close on to lock down the ABNF for XDI Core 1.0).
As always, please do send any additional agenda topics either to the list or to Markus and I.


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