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Subject: Slight proposed revision to XDI visual graph notation

As I'm working on the "How XDI Builds on RDF" paper, I need to include some visual XDI graphs. I'm doing these in Powerpoint because I need the precision.

As I began preparing the examples, it struck me that because we no longer have value nodes, it would be far more intuitive to:
  1. Just use one dedicated geometric shape for each of our major node types:
    1. Circle (open) for root nodes (suggestive of the parentheses used for roots in XDI syntax)
    2. Square (solid) for entity nodes
    3. Diamond (solid) for attribute nodes (suggestive of the angle brackets used for attributes in XDI syntax)
  2. Don't use any geometric shape for a literal node, rather just have the literal arc point to the JSON value exactly as it would appear in JSON, e.g.,
    1. "string" for a JSON string (including "" for the empty string)
    2. 123 for a JSON number
    3. true
    4. false
    5. null
    6. [1,2,3] for a JSON array
    7. { "key": "value" } for a JSON object
Inline image 2

Inline image 4

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