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Subject: JSON quad tree format now fully documented

Good news! I did a bunch more work over the weekend to take the feedback from Friday's call about the triples serialization format and have now fully documented the rules for quad tree format (a name suggested by Joseph that I think works very well). Quad tree format retains all the benefits of triples format with the following additional features:
I've posted a complete wiki page spec and four versions of an example:
  1. JSON quad tree format WITHOUT implied context statements
  2. Same graph in quad tree display format
  3. JSON quad tree format WITH implied context statements
  4. Same graph in quad tree display format
The only thing I haven't done is added another example of a typical XDI message in quad tree format; I'll try to do that before Friday's call.

Please read it over/try it out/send any thoughts or feedback to the list.

Also, a second piece of good news: Markus has been implementing defined variables and had an excellent idea for how to simplify the address of the definition for a defined variable. See the Defined Variables section of the XDI Variables wiki page.

Cooking with gas!

With these things done I can get back to the How XDI Builds on RDF paper. No promises for how much I can get done before Friday but we'll see.


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