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Subject: Input on XML editors and Oxygen in particular

As I prepare for my Editor's Intensive next week to finish the complete draft of XDI Core 1.0, one thing I want to do is switch from text editing in Word (that Joseph has kindly been importing into our DocBook template) to editing natively in XML.

I haven't been using an XML editor for quite a while, and when asked a question about recommended XML editors on a TC call recently, several were recommended. Among those only Oxygen offers a WYSIWYG editing mode, which I personally find helpful for long specs vs. switching back and forth from viewing the HTML version of the doc in a browser.

But Joseph expressed a concern that using a WYSIWYG editor like Oxygen might add unnecessary markup to the DocBook XML file. 

Peter, have you found this to be the case? Or are you satisfied with Oxygen as an editor?

Does anyone else have a particularly strong recommendation?

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