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Subject: XDI TC Notes Unofficial Telecon Monday 2016-02-22

XDI TC Notes

Following are the notes of the unofficial telecon of the XDI TC held on:

Date: Monday, 22 February 2016 USA
Time: 10:00AM - 11:30AM Pacific Time (17:00-18:30 UTC)

The TC operates under a standing rule approved 17 July 2008 under which the TC does not hold regular official meetings and conducts all business by electronic ballot only. Unofficial weekly meetings are held to enable discussion among members but no business is conducted nor actions taken.


Markus Sabadello
Kapil Vats
Joseph Boyle
Les Chasen
Drummond Reed


Phil Windley

Update on Publishing XDI Core 1.0 Committee Specification Draft 01

Once again, we will check in with Joseph on the publishing status to get to CSD 01.


Joseph has sent in what should be the final corrections to the XML file. We hope this will be published before next week’s call.

Further Discussion of JSON-XDI

Drummond added some further notes to the JSON-XDI wiki page:


Drummond reported that Manu Sporny (the main person behind JSON-LD) explained that originally the data model behind JSON-LD was not RDF, since he saw problems in the RDF data model that the JSON-LD community didn’t want to deal with. Alignment with RDF was achieved only later during the standardization process.

We had a short discussion about the theoretical usefulness of JSON-XDI, but did not reach a conclusion. Markus did not have a clear opinion but wondered if perhaps JSON-XDI may actually cause more confusion than clarity.

Drummond said that he wanted to study the potential parallels between JSON-LD and JSON-XDI, and also the JSON-LD API specification, more closely before submitting any further proposals.


The next call will be the following week at the usual time (Monday 10AM PT). The link to where agenda items can be posted for the next meeting is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19oDl0lbb56Grehx2a5flZnhrgnua5l8cVvC_dJ8fTXk/edit?usp=sharing

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