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Subject: [xliff-comment] non-unique identifiers

I was confused for some time because the 'id' attribute does not need to be
unique. Typically, the id attribute is of type ID, which requires unique
values. The 'id' attribute is required, but does not need to be unique. In
fact, I would say that in some cases it CAN'T be unique.

For example, if a placeholder is used in a <source> tag, it would have the
same id in the <target> tag.

	<source>Hello <ph id="w">World</ph></source>
	<target>Hola <ph id="w">Mundo</ph></target>

I don't have a recommendation per say, but a different name for the
attribute instead of 'id' would be less confusing and less likely to have
someone change the DTD/Schema in the future to by of type ID, which would
make is unique.


Doug D

Ektron, Inc.
+1 603 594-0249

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