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Subject: [xliff-comment] How to update original file with translated XLIFF?

I understand that XLIFF is created from an original file and then
transmitted to a translator. Then the XLIFF with the translated text is
returned. How do I update the original file?

Here's the case: I have a single, master XML document with the original
language (English) and all of the languages currently translated, say
French, Spanish and German. Any new text is added to the original language
section of the XML document. When the new text is translated, I use an XSLT
to create three XLIFF documents, one for each target language. Each XLIFF
includes the entire original language and the previously translated language
with empty <target> tags for the new text. The <target> elements include the
translated language for <trans-unit>s that were translated in the past.

When the completed XLIFF is returned, how do I update the original master
XML document from the XLIFF? I don't want to write a program to merge the
original with the XLIFF. The only approach I can see is to have an XSLT that
converts the XLIFF to an XSLT that makes the modifications to the original
master XML document.

XLIFF + XSLT to create XSLT -> XSLT to update master
MasterXML + XSLT to update master -> MasterXML

Is anyone using XLIFF with XML and XSLT?

Is there an easier way to manage updates to the original language?

BTW, I am using XLIFF as the Schema for the MasterXML document. It seemed
the easiest way to store all the localized resources in one place.


Doug D

Ektron, Inc.
+1 603 594-0249

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