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Subject: re: How to embed XML in <source>

Hi Zartaj,

Please see Yves Savourel's response, below.


Hi Zartaj,

XLIFF is meant to be use with various file formats, XML
being one of them, so it has a mechanism to markup inline
codes regardless of the format.

If your original file is like this:
<myxml:string>File <myxml:accelerator

You could extract it to XLIFF as:

<source>File <bpt id='1'>&lt;myxml:accelerator

One also could use place-holder instead of enclosures:

<source>File <g id='1'>O</g>pen</source>

Where the codes for <g> are in the skeleton file.

> Why not let <source> and <target> support user-defined
elements, so I 
> could just embed <myxml:string> without modifications?

Mostly it's because the content of the <source> and <target>
is expected to be a 'pre-parsed' content, where all inline
codes are represented by in well defined elements. This
allow to 'abstract' the content and make it very much easier
for the translation tools to work regardless of the
underlying format.

However, when XML is the original format, there are
advantages to allow extension, as you are pointing out. This
has been a topic of discussion for some time now. And there
are chances that <source> and <target> could allow
extensions at some point. We are still working on how
exactly tools would behaves when running into non-xliff

There are discussions in the mailing list, you are very
welcome to look at them and express your opinions and ideas,
it would help us.

Thanks for taking the time to post your email.

Kind regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Zartaj Majeed [mailto:zmajeed@adobe.com] 
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 10:58 AM
To: xliff-comment@lists.oasis-open.org 
Subject: [xliff-comment] How to embed XML in <source>

What's the best way to have an XML fragment inside <source>
or <target> elements? Say my source is the following XML:

<myxml:string>File <myxml:accelerator

I want the entire <string> element as the content of an
<xliff:source> element. Must I use one of the inline tags
and transform my <string> element into the appropriate form
before I can embed it into <source>? If so which is the best
inline element to use and what would the the <source>
contents look like?

Why not let <source> and <target> support user-defined
elements, so I could just embed <myxml:string> without


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