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xliff-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: martin@wunderlich.com

Hi all, 

While having a closer look at the XLIFF specs, I came across a few things. 

- The root element <xliff> has an optional attribute "xml:lang", which according to the specs "...is used to specify the language of the content of the document." I am not sure what this means. Does it specify the source or target language? Or something else? 

- In the definition of the phase element it says:
"Phase information - The <phase> contains metadata about the tasks performed in a particular process. The optional phase-name  attribute uniquely
identifies the phase for reference within the file."
I presume the phase-name attribute referred to here is actually required, not optional. That's what it says in the overview below the description and otherwise it wouldn't make sense, I guess.

- I have also noted a certain incongruency between the specs and the XSD published for validation. The XSD will, for instance, enforce a certain
order of elements, which according the specs is not really required and I believe in the spirit of the standard not really necessary.

Best regards, 

Martin Wunderlich
Martin Wunderlich, M.A.
Freelance Translator EN<>DE

Tel/Mobile/Fax: +49-(0)700 TALK GLOBAL

e-mail: martin@wunderlich.com
site:   www.martin.wunderlich.com

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