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Subject: RE: XLIFF namespaces



Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense. I've found that catalogs are
very helpful at locating (or relocating) physical schema file so I don't
have to change the URI in the XML document to match the path on my PC.
However, I suspect that many vocabularies don't change the namespace for
every version. For example, "urn:oasis:names:tc:entity:xmlns:xml:catalog".
But I noticed that HR-XML includes the version and W3C includes the year,
which acts like a version. Hopefully, the versions won't change very
frequently. Thanks again for the explanation.




Doug Domeny

Software Analyst


Ektron, Inc.

+1 603 594-0249 x212




From: Heartsome Tech Support [mailto:tech@heartsome.net] 
Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2006 7:03 PM
To: Doug Domeny
Cc: xliff-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: XLIFF namespaces


Hi Doug,

Regarding your message in XLIFF TC mailing list:

As it turns out, the policy of changing the namespace every version is
complicating the XSLTs to process XLIFF documents. I realize that the TC is
following OASIS recommendation, but I feel that the recommendation, while
having some merit, may be causing more problems than it is fixing. 


It is very important to have a different namespace for each version of XLIFF
Schema. The namespace declaration in the root element of an XLIFF file is
essential for resolving the schema using catalogs.

OASIS XML catalogs associate namesaces as URN with a URI, allowing XML
entity resolvers to provide the right schema to XML parsers.

XLIFF 1.1 and XLIFF 1.2 use different schemas and the entries in a catalog
that uses OASIS XML Catalog specification would be:

<uri name="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:1.1"

<uri name="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:1.2"

The above entries assume that there are two different schemas  in a folder
named xliff, one XLIFF 1.1 and another one for XLIFF 1.2. 

An XML parser trying to validate an XLIFF file can receive the right schema
from an entity resolver because the namespaces for version 1.1 and 1.2 are
different. If the XLIFF TC does not update the URN in the new version, it
will be necessary to provide other means for including XLIFF 1.2 in OASIS
catalogs and I don't see what the solution could be.

Best regards,
Rodolfo M. Raya

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party as this would constitute an unlawful act under certain circumstances,
unless prior approval is given for its transmission. The content of this
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