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xliff-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: micah.j.bly@medtronic.com

Name: Micah Bly
Title: Senior Localization Specialist
Organization: Medtronic, Inc.
Regarding Specification: XLIFF 1.x

Please consider adding "odt" to the list of pre-defined values for the "datatype" attribute. Yes, it is XML, but having it's own tag would let tools treat the data differently than they could the very generic "xml" datatype. It is for this reason I suggest "odt" over the more generic "odf": so tools that are odt-aware can give translators and reviewers more useful feedback.  I don't actually know if linebreaks, tabs, etc, are all the same across the various odf formats (text documents, drawings, charts, etc), so if they are, then "odf" would probably be a better choice. I'm assuming, however, that there are differences in them specific to the kind of document being described.

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