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Subject: Section 2.5.4 Validating Documents with Extensions - needs revision

Tony, Doug, all,

Referring to spec revision 20061023

"The only change made to the spec was to add a note indicating that
external schema's would not be validated by the Transitional XSD."

Both the transitional AND strict schemas were changed to use
processContents='skip'. I just noticed that this unfortunately also
invalidates section 2.5.4. (Validating Documents with Extensions) of
the specification:

"In order to validate an XLIFF document that contains non-XLIFF parts,
you can use the schema validation mechanism: In addition to the
namespace declarations, add the schemaLocation attribute of the XML
Schema-instance namespace to define what schemas to use to validate
the document (XLIFF and the non-XLIFF namespaces)."

Also note the reference to section 2.5.4 from section 3.1. (XML Declaration).

If the spec is being updated again as a result of this, also notice
the small insignificant layout-mistake in section 3.1:
 "The same example as above would then look like this:<?xml
version="1.0"?>"  - the xml declaration should be part of the
following example, and not this paragraph.


Asgeir Frimannsson
PhD Candidate
School of Software Engineering and Data Communications
Queensland University of Technology
126 Margaret Street, Level 3
Brisbane QLD 4001, Australia

Phone: (+61) 7 3138 9332 Mob: (+61) 405 412 696
Email: a.frimannsson@qut.edu.au

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