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Subject: Proposal on changes of process managment in XLIFF

Dear members of the XLIFF TS,

Please find attached a paper analysing how process in localisation 
works. It proposes some changes/extensions in XLIFF that would probably 
facilitate managment of such process.

The work is related to the needs that we see for the implementation of 
process within the WordForge open source project, in which we attempt to 
faciliate the use of XLIFF throughout the open source community by means 
of creating value added tools that can give better service to the 
community that the present PO-based tools, giving motivation for change.

The document is attached in both PDF and ODT formats.

Best regards,

Javier SOLA

P.D. We are also closely tracking and implementing the extensions of PO 
format that are taking place. Once we have implemented them, we will 
also submit a recommendation for extension of the PO-XLIFF conversion 

Process Managment in XLIFF files.odt

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