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Subject: Re: [xliff-comment] Proposal on changes of process managment in XLIFF

As only the ODT file arrived to the list, I am attaching again the PDF file.


Javier SOLA wrote:

> Dear members of the XLIFF TS,
> Please find attached a paper analysing how process in localisation 
> works. It proposes some changes/extensions in XLIFF that would 
> probably facilitate managment of such process.
> The work is related to the needs that we see for the implementation of 
> process within the WordForge open source project, in which we attempt 
> to faciliate the use of XLIFF throughout the open source community by 
> means of creating value added tools that can give better service to 
> the community that the present PO-based tools, giving motivation for 
> change.
> The document is attached in both PDF and ODT formats.
> Best regards,
> Javier SOLA
> P.D. We are also closely tracking and implementing the extensions of 
> PO format that are taking place. Once we have implemented them, we 
> will also submit a recommendation for extension of the PO-XLIFF 
> conversion recommendations.
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