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Subject: XLIFF 1.2 Errata: datatype

Hi all,

First of all, as discussed on the xliff-tc list, I'm not trying to
delay or restart the process of getting XLIFF 1.2 accepted as an oasis
standard. However, no standard is perfect, and it's important to
document any errors or glitches. So yes, these are primarily small
issues that needs to be addressed in the move to 2.0, but should
perhaps be included in a later errata document or implementation

Now to the issue:

In the specification, the 'datatype' attribute is specified with a
default value of 'Empty string'. This should be 'undefined'.

Consequences: The 'empty string' default value will cause XSD
validation to fail.


Asgeir Frimannsson
PhD Candidate
School of Software Engineering and Data Communications
Queensland University of Technology
126 Margaret Street, Level 3
Brisbane QLD 4001, Australia

Phone: (+61) 7 3138 9332 Mob: (+61) 405 412 696
Email: asgeirf@gmail.com

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