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Subject: XLIFF 2.0 Comments - Approved attribute

In section unit, the last PR listed states:


A <unit> element is considered to be translated when all its <segment> children with translate attribute not set to no have the approved attribute set to yes.


And in section approved, it states:


Approved - Indicates whether the holding <segment> element contains a translation suitable to be used when converting the XLIFF file to original format.


Both of these statements seem very implementation specific. Also, I think approved may be redundant, or potentially confusing, now that state has a value of reviewed. If I have <segment state=”reviewed”> then that arguably could be considered translated and suitable to be used in generating my localized document. Even then, there shouldn’t be anything to stop me from considering <segment state=”translated”> as translated and ready for generation as well. The logic for when it is suitable to perform the merge should not be baked into the specification.






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