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Subject: XLIFF 2.0 Comments - inline code examples and context

2.6.2 Inline Codes

2.6.3 Annotations

2.6.4 Sub-Flows


Are well constructed with good explanations and examples. Annotation and Sub-Flow elements and attributes have links to these sections, e.g. “See the example in the Sub-Flows section.“ and “See the Annotations section for more details and examples on how to use the <mrk> element.” The reader can jump there, read, and come back with the proper context.


Many sections on inline codes and attributes do show examples, however, the whole context of the example may not always clear until the reader goes through section 2.6.2 Inline Codes, which comes later in the specification. As a suggestion, it may make it easier for readers to understand the examples if there is a link such as “See the Inline Codes section for more details.“ that they can follow, read, and return with the proper context.






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