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Subject: XLIFF 2.0 Comments - 2.7.2 Extension Processing Requirements

As it is currently defined, the <gls:glossary> module won’t work for a company like Microsoft that requires the interchange of much more terminology metadata than term, translation, and definition. It was suggested that we look at creating a custom extension to do this instead of defining more elements in the module, and possibly one based on the TBX standard, however, the following Processing Requirement…


A user extension, whether implemented using <mda:metadata> or using a custom namespace, must not provide the same functionality as an existing XLIFF core or module feature, however it may complement an extensible XLIFF core feature or module feature or provide a new funtionality at provided extensin points.


..tells me that I can’t create an extension that defines term, translation, and definition along with all of my other terminology metadata together…and with <gls:glossary> not being extensible itself, I can’t even use the existing <gls:glossary> to hold my custom metadata. Having one <gls:glossary> module to contain term, translation, and definition, and a separate module to contain all of my other terminology metadata just doesn’t seem very workable. I seem to be at an impasse. Suggestions? Do we revisit making <gls:glossary> extensible?





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