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Subject: Re: [xliff-comment] Next steps regarding your very useful XLIFF 2.0 Public Review comments

Hi Chet and Bryan,

Many thanks to both of you for your very prompt replies, and the very good explanation of the OASIS processes. This helps a lot in learning and understanding the different steps to standardization of different organization.

All the best,


On July 02, 2013 at 15:29 (CEST), Chet Ensign wrote:
Hi Jörg,

I'm Chet Ensign, the director of standards development at OASIS. I see
your question to Bryan and thought I would jump in with the answer.

You asked: "How is the OASIS process with resolving comments, e.g. do
you need my "official" acceptance of the proposed solution(s), which
would be similar to the W3C process?"

At OASIS, we ensure that there is transparency and visibility into the
work of Technical Committees so that stakeholders in the broader
marketplace can make their own decisions about the quality of the work.
It is up to each Technical Committee to decide whether and how to act on
comments received. TCs are required to acknowledge comments received, to
track them along with their decision on how to resolve them, and to post
these comment resolution logs at specific stages of the process so that
those providing comments can see what the TC chose to do. There is no
requirement that a TC obtain acceptance of a proposed solution.

You can find this explained in more detail in "Handling the comments
received during a public review"
Of course, TCs like XLIFF that care about the acceptance and adoption of
their work go beyond this to engage with those who take the time to
provide thoughtful feedback and seek the best possible solution.

Thanks for providing your input to the XLIFF & let me know if you have
any questions on this. I'm happy to go into more detail.

Best regards,


On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 5:31 AM, Jörg Schütz <joerg@bioloom.de
<mailto:joerg@bioloom.de>> wrote:

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. This looks very good indeed, and I'm
    looking forward to the revised version of the specification. And, of
    course, some of my comments are still open...

    Regarding the Glossary module it will be also my pleasure to further
    discuss remaining issues with Ryan.

    One question: How is the OASIS process with resolving comments, e.g.
    do you need my "official" acceptance of the proposed solution(s),
    which would be similar to the W3C process?

    Thanks, and all the best,


    On July 01, 2013 at 23:30 (CEST), Schnabel, Bryan S wrote:


        On behalf of the TC, I want to again thank you for the very useful
        comments. As you know, we are tracking them here on our wiki

        In an effort to not fill your inbox with individual replies, I
        hope you
        don’t mind that I will reply to them, but comment number, in
        this single

        Several were simply accepted at face value, and will be
        implemented (as
        documented on the wiki). Also, you and Yves have continued your
        discussions publically on the comment list.

        I will address the remainder here.

        csprd01 015 - Processing Requirements for XML PIs: This was also
        to our attention in comment 013. We had an electronic ballot
        <https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ballot.php?id=2432> ),
        and voted
        to say the Processing Instructions SHOULD be preserved.

        csprd01 018 - Structure and Structural Elements: Glossary
        module: This
        is also covered in comment 024. We are very close to resolving
        this. We
        discussed this at the Face to Face meeting in London and came to
        then held a ballot
        and voted to remove Glossary from File. In summary: A] make Glossary
        Module more expressive: 1) make <glossentry> extensible by both
        and attributes, 2) make children extensible by attributes, 3)
        id to be able to reference back from <mrk type="term">; B] Remove
        <glossary> from <file>

        Ryan King is the owner of this topic and will be happy to follow
        up if
        you have further questions.

        csprd01 025 - Format Style Module: I am grateful for this good
        advice. I
        will add a robust, more sophisticated example that supports images.

        csprd01 026 - Metadata Module: This is also tied to comment 048.
        I think
        it is very good advice. I will add the example you suggest.

        Prior to the second public review I will send you a link to the
        specification that incorporated the comments you sent, and I
        will ask
        for your opinion of the resolution of your comments.

        Thank you,


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