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Subject: [xliff-comment] csprd01- 28

Hi Jörg,


Regarding your comment in the recent public review of the XLIFF 2.0 spec:


“The Change Tracking module permits the adding of processing information to the content elements <segment> and <unit>, and provides a useful means for maintaining and curating lifecycle information including provenance. This module is a good example of how to establish references between different information elements which are missing in other modules such as the Glossary Module in particular”


As mentioned in an earlier mail titled “csprd01- 18, 24, and 36: Glossary Module Design” we made changes to the Glossary Module to enable referencing using a term annotation. In general, we didn’t feel it necessary to implement a more complex id/ref system in all modules since the scope of reference for a module is typically within the scope of its enclosing element.






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