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Subject: csprd02 comment - fs attributes

Hi all,

There is this PR: "An Agent processing a valid XLIFF Document that contains XLIFF-defined elements that it cannot handle MUST
preserve those elements."

I think the wording of the PR does not correspond to the original intent. There is no mention of XLIFF-defined attributes, which
means that, as of csprd02, I'm not required to preserve any of the Format Style attributes.

It is the intent?

I think the intent was to preserve any XLIFF-defined element or attribute.

So assuming the PR is changed, we would have to preserve fs/subFs attributes. This leads to another issue:

The fs/subFs attributes are allowed on pretty much any element of the core, including <cp>. This means a reader would have be able
to preserve the fs/subFs attributes of a <cp> element.

The <cp> element is an escape mechanism, there is no realistic way to preserve fs/subFs on something that will be converted to a
character in the parsed document.

- if the PR is to protect only elements: nothing to change.
- if it is to protect elements and attributes:
	- it needs to be update (and the PR for custom namespaces too)
	- fs/subFs should be removed from <cp>


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