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Subject: csprd02 comment - location of "info" elements (<notes>, modules, etc.)

The way the elements carrying information associated to an element is not consistent:

- In <file>: <notes>/etc. comes before <unit>/<group>
- In <group>: <notes>/etc. comes after <unit>/<group>
- In <unit>: <notes>/etc. comes after <segment>/<ignorable>

It would be a lot clearer to have a consistent way to place the same information.

Also: From a stream-based processing viewpoint having those info after the main payload (<unit>, <segment>) makes things quite
complicated. For example you can have a <file>-note applying to the source that is reached only after all <unit> elements have been

The bottom-line is that XLIFF 2.0 seems to expect the processor to always be a DOM-based parser, where one can access all parts of
the file all the time. It makes event-based processing very complicated, almost impossible to implement. And on large documents DOM
is not always an option.


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