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Subject: csprd02 comment - xml:lang and xml:space

Hi all,

The attributes xml:lang and xml:space can be used on <source> and <target>.
But because they are in a non-XLIFF namespace, they presumably can also be used on elements that accept extended attributes.

Because, per the XML specification, those two attributes work with inheritance, one can set, for example, the xml:space value of a
<source> or a <target> without declaring the attribute on that element:

<unit id='1' xml:space='preserve'>
  <source>pre-formatted text</source> <!-- implicit xml:space='preserve' -->

There is no mention of this anywhere in the specification.
I'm wondering if it's not worth having some note about this in the xml:space section.

The specification also says for xml:space:

Default value: default 

Which is, from an XML viewpoint, incorrect. If it's not specified the value should be the same as the value for the parent element.


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