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Subject: csprd02 comment - Translation Candidate Annotation

Hi all,

The section " Translation Candidate Annotation" defines a way to associate a give span of content with a <mtc:match>
element. It uses the type 'match' for this.

While trying to implement validation with a tool supporting the core, I run into the issue that the tool should not know anything
about modules but is suddenly faced with constraints related to a module. For example: to validate that when type equals 'match' the
ref attribute points to a proper "translation candidate" it would have to known about the namespace of <mtc:match>, and therefore it
would no longer be a core-only processor.

I don't think the 'match' type should be part of the list of pre-defined values for <mrk>'s type. I also think the whole
"Translation Candidate Annotation" section should be in the section defining the Translation Candidate module.


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