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Subject: csprd02 comment - subFs value and spaces

Hi all,

The definition of subFs says:

The subFs MUST only be used to carry attribute name/value comma-delimited pairs for attributes that are valid for the HTML element
identified by the accompanied fs attribute.
Example: fs:fs="img" fs:subFs="src,smileface.png"

It is unclear to me if you can have more than one pair of name/value per subFs. I assume you can because a) the definition uses
plural here with "the subFs" (so: one subFs with many pairs); and b) it wouldn't make sense to restrict attributes to a single one.
But it should be a lot clearer.

Also the example show that the delimiter comma is used to separate the two parts of a pair, but what is the delimiter between pairs?
If I assume it is space, then there is no ways to define a value containing a space since only \ and , are escaped.

Overall I think it would be a lot simpler to have only one fs attribute that hold the full element to use. Is there a reason why


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