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Subject: improve the appearance of schema files

Some suggestions for improving the appearance of the schema files:


·         When a schema attribute is optional and the default value applies, sometimes it's expressed and sometimes it’s omitted. We should choose one approach, and be consistent.

·         Add a descriptive comment to each element definition (as already exist for inline elements). The comment can be taken directly from the documentation, for most elements.

·         Add organizing comments throughout; e.g. imports, attribute types, elements.

·         Apply consistent formatting (indentation, blank lines, etc.).

·         Apply a logical order to elements in choice groups (may be alphabetical or hierarchy order).

·         Apply a logical order for XLIFF attributes: required (alphabetical) before optional (alphabetical), #any last.


None of these affect the syntax or semantics, but they will be useful for implementers who read the schema files.



Tom Comerford

+1 856 787 9090


Supratext LLC
43 Michaelson Drive
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054




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