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Subject: RE: [xliff-comment] csprd03 - Intent for value and ref in Comment annotation

I have no problem with allowing both a value and a reference to a note.

In fact it is not too difficult to imagine a use case where an initial agent leaves a comment in the value, and a second agents follow up is captured in a ref to a note. I guess a third agent comment would be difficult to imagine in this scenario.

I would add that the example where we illustrate the @ref method should be updated to use the Fragment ID method of referencing the note (which is, after all, and XLIFF fragment):


  <target>Vous pouvez utiliser votre propre <mrk id="m1"
type="comment" ref="#n1">namespace</mrk>.</target>

  <target>Vous pouvez utiliser votre propre <mrk id="m1"
type="comment" ref="#n=n1">namespace</mrk>.</target>

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Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:33 AM
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Subject: [xliff-comment] csprd03 - Intent for value and ref in Comment annotation

In section " Comment Annotation" there is this usage definition:

If the value attribute is present it contains the text of the comment, otherwise the ref attribute MUST be present and contains the id value (in URI format) of a <note> element that holds the comment.

The way I read it, ref is required if value is not present. That part is clear.
There is also nothing in the text preventing value and ref to be present at the same time.
Is that the indent?

(I'm not for or against it. If the intent is to allow both at the same time there is nothing to change. If the intent is to have either ref or value, the text is not explicitly stating that). I'd like to know the intend, to be sure Lynx does the validation properly.


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