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Subject: csprd03 - term annotation and Glossary

In section " Term Annotation" we have an example and a note that are, IMO, confusing. 
They mix the glossary module usage and the Term annotation.

The note state:

The Glossary module uses its own gls:ref to reference its corresponding spans in source content the other way round. The XLIFF Core
ref attribute can be also used in case of multiple occurences of a term in the same unit for pointing from these different
ocurrences to the same glossary entry in the same unit.

a) There are two typos: "occurences" and "ocurrences" should be "occurrences"

b) The example should be without glossary: This annotation is not necessarily used for the glossary and text and example of its use
with the glossary should be in the glossary module section.

I recommend to:

- remove the note (or move the text to the glossary module)
- change the example to the following (simpler and not involving the Glossary module):

<unit id="1">
  <source>He is my <mrk id="m1" type="term" ref="http://dbpedia.org/page/Doppelgänger";>doppelgänger</mrk>.</source>



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