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Subject: csprd03 - xml:lang-related text and Translation Candidate module

In sections " source" and section " target" there are constraints starting with:

"When a <source> element is a child of <segment> or <ignorable>..." and "When a <target> element is a child of <segment> or

In the core <source> and <target> are always child of <segment> or <ignorable>. That part should be remove: we don't specify the
parents of any other elements elsewhere.

I'm guessing this was added because <source> and <target> are also used in the Translation Candidates module, but:

a) The definition in the core should not make special provision for modules. 

b) In the Translation candidate module the behavior xml:lang for <source> is no different, so there is no point making a

c) The module has a constraint for xml:lang in <target> that overrides the core definition, so there is no reason to have the text
in the constraint of the core. Actually technically since the constraint of the core explicitly address only the child of
<segment>/<ignorable> one can even argue that the constraint in the module is irrelevant.

c) In addition, there is no need for preventing <match> to have xml:lang (same reasons as in the general comment for xml:lang).

I recommend the following:

1) Remove the text "When a <source> element is a child of <segment> or <ignorable>..." and "When a <target> element is a child of
<segment> or <ignorable>..." from the <source> and <target> sections.

2) Remove the constraint: "xml:lang MUST NOT be set on the match element." As well as the warning.


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