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Subject: Re: [xliff] Version Control Commit by DavidFilip

Thanks, Yves, all
I am adding the XLIFF comment list into the loop to allow Chase to chime in

quick answers inline


Container for a specific revision associated with a sibling element, or a child of a sibling element, to the change track module within the scope of the enclosing element.

        one or more <segment> or <ignorable> elements in any order.
                exactly one <source> element followed by at most one <target> element.
                exactly one <target> element.
        XLIFF Core Inline Elements and text in any order.

A few initial notes:

I'm not sure that mixing four different content models in the same element is a good idea.
Parsing such content, even with automated mechanism like JAXB, is not easy.

I was thinking about having different item types, but that would probably not improve things either 
In the old XLIFF 1.2 days having source and target was just enough to repeat the <trans-unit> model but it's not enough for 2.x

I'm also not sure why we would need the second and third content (<source> and <source>+<target>) since they can be represented by the first and fourth content.
The simplest thing would be to allow just the 1st content, since everything is covered by the <unit> data model
But I understand that people want the liberty to track smaller parts
I think that the most common tracking use case would be for target only, at least based on what Chase said in the OMOS TC today

I'm also not understanding the definition part that says: "...to the change track module within the scope of the enclosing element."
What the "to" pertains to? It seems something is missing (or extra).
Yes, this is garbled, trying to reword the scoping verbiage throughout the ctr elements.. 


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