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Subject: csprd02 - Example 22

Example 22. Populating XLIFF Core targets with raw MT along with ITS MT Confidence metadata:

-- The text above the examples should not be bold (Original:, Extracted text..., etc.)

-- Also:

<source xml:lang="EN">
      Some human authored text for translation.

Should be:

<source xml:lang="EN">Some human authored text for translation.</source>

Otherwise the text doesn't match exactly the text in match.

-- Also: there is an extra </mtc:match> after <mtc:matches>

-- Also: in <mtc:match ref="#m1" matchQuality="67.8"... the ref points to no-existing span of text. It should be ref="#t=m1" to
point to a span in the <target>.

I WOULD RECOMMEND TO VALIDATE ALL EXAMPLES in the ITS and CTR modules: they do not seem to have been checked with a validator.


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