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Subject: csprd04 - Change Tracking Module/Extension

A few notes:


In section “5.9.5 ITS Tools Referencing”, in the warning, we point to “5.6 Change Tracking Extension (Informative)”, but the text in the referring text says “Change Tracking Module”.


Also the warning includes the text “…possibly extended with ITS Module Provenance metadata.” But there is no reference to Provenance in CTR, including in the schema.


Also, the section “5 The Modules Specifications” has now an informative “5.6 Change Tracking Extension (Informative)” section. It look strange to have an extension defined in the specification. Should it be in an appendix?


And finally the top paragraph of the section “5.6 Change Tracking Extension (Informative)” says “…replace it with a revised Change Tracking Module hopefully for XLIFF Version 2.2.”

I think we should drop “hopefully for XLIFF Version 2.2.” as no expectations should be set.






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