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Subject: Re: [xliff-comment] Storing extractor/merger specific information

Hi Simone, 
On file there is the original attribute you should use as resname equivalent.

You can surely use your own namespace on structural elements to contain the project management information.
Nevertheless, I'd advise using the metadata module instead. 
The advantage is twofold. 
1) As a module, the data is better protected. MUST NOT be deleted by agents who don't understand the data. Extensions, your own namespace, SHOULD NOT be deleted. 
2) The mda module brings some level of Interoperability. It's basically an optionally grouped bunch of key - value pairs which is easily human and machine readable and also simple to display. 

Comments for translators are a different story. You should use notes on structural elements or the comments annotation mechanism if the comments apply to specific inline spans of source or target content. 
It's basically illegal to put this into a module or extension. As the feature exists in core, the core feature MUST be used and MUST NOT be emulated by an extension, either custom namespace based or mda.
I hope this helps 
Cheers dF 

On Jul 19, 2017 17:16, "Simone Chiaretta" <simone@piyosailing.com> wrote:
I'd need to store on the xliff file some info that would be needed by the system when merging the translation back.

For example the id of the content in the CMS and the property names.

For property names I'd use the name attribute of group and unit (resname in xliff 1.2) but for there is no name on the file.

We also need to pass to the translation workflow other information like due date, comments for translators, name of the original author, page count and so on.

In xliff 1.2 I was using a custom namespace which contained all our custom information, but I've seen now there is the metadata module that could be used for the same purpose.

What would you suggest to do? Use the custom namespace or switch to the metadata module?


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