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Subject: SOU for XLIFF 2.1


Please find attached the responses provided through the Statement of Use (SOU) questionnaire for XLIFF 2.1.

This is intended to be a Statement of Use for XLIFF Version 2.1.

Umbraco (https://umbraco.com/) is an open-source CMS built with .NET and NuTranslation is the future version of the translation feature of Umbraco, currently implemented as add-on and in the future version of Umbraco will be probably part of the Core of the system.

It allows exporting documents in Xliff v2.1 format and importing them back into the system.

The system uses two other open-source .NET libaries: the Xliff.OM library (https://github.com/Microsoft/XLIFF2-Object-Model) developed by Microsoft, used to abstract the Xliff schema and the Xliff.NET library [https://github.com/simonech/XliffLib] developed still by me which is used to apply the best-practices for extracting HTML into Xliff. 

Everything is still in development but will released once the features are complete.

See the attached PDF files for details on the implementation.

Kind regards,


Simone Chiaretta
Microsoft MVP ASP.NET - ASPInsider
twitter: @simonech

Attachment: SOU_Umbraco.pdf
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